Ornament Diffuser 3 Pack

Ornament Diffuser 3 Pack

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Jusu + Secrets of the Kiln teamed up to create these one-of-a-kind ornament diffusers to freshen your home. These thoughtfully designed ceramic diffusers are incredibly porous, they absorb oils rapidly, and retain scent. Sustainably crafted locally, with natural materials. These diffusers are timeless and make the perfect gift any time of year. 

Made by hand in Canada by a local artisan. 

Suggested Use:

Lay flat and add 5-8 drops of Jusu essential oil to the back (unglazed) ceramic. Make sure the oil absorbs before you hang the diffuser. Refresh as often as needed. We recommend once per week. They also make great portable diffusers for your vehicle. 


We are the safest choice for home essentials. Home is where the heart is and Jusu loves being part of it!


Type: Ceramic Diffuser (ornament)


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