Our story

Jusu was founded on the central realization that our world, humanity, and with it those who we love most; require care and protection. This central realization developed through the simple observation that nothing remains static through time, and that striving for improvement will inevitably lead to more positive outcomes for all of us on the whole.

It is through this realization that we now see our medical system for what it is, more technologically advanced than ever before, certainly in the realm of diagnostics and medical treatment.  But our current society and medical system still has the room to improve when it comes to proactive and preventative care. Caring for ourselves, and protecting ourselves and our loved ones before illness ever has the chance to take hold. At Jusu, we asked ourselves, how can we make the lives safer and easier for people who want to make the best choices for their family, friends and the planet?

With steadfast determination, Jusu set forth to pioneer a new future for everyone and everything that we care about most. Through a full spectrum of plant-based wellness products, and by passionately educating our community, we offer a way to holistically improve life and improve sustainability, for ourselves, for our families, and for our planet. From the onset, our aim is to be an organization that harmonizes with everyday life. We exist to guide people to make better lifestyle choices that benefit and protect both themselves and their loved ones. This is how we care for our customers, who we know will in turn care for the people around them. 

Our collections are made from things that naturally protect our bodies, vitalize our minds, and make us feel good inside and out. Things like whole-food vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which all can have positive therapeutic effects. Every single ingredient we select is meticulously chosen with specific intent, efficacy, and is 100% naturally sourced and plant based to support the overall wellness of both you and the planet. We harness the power of plants to create intelligent products that better our health and our environment. We are not satisfied with the status quo. Our unique formulations aim to drive the science of plant-based products forward, and in the process raise the bar for what people deem to be acceptable and healthy. We believe the standard should be higher. We believe that you deserve better, that your family deserves better, and that our planet deserves better. 

Jusu is firm on its guiding principle that making natural choices should feel natural, and help sustain healthy living for you and for the environment. Helping people feel better and they live a more lasting and more joyous lives, this is what success looks like for Jusu. A fusion of compassionate craftsmanship, natural ingredients and practical opulence make Jusu the smart, instinctive choice for those who embrace wellness and care about the future. We uncomplicate healthy decisions and play a prevailing role in the journey to living a lasting life.