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Why Natural Face Cleanser is Better for your Skin
First of all, when we pick out a face cleanser at the drugstore we often are buying products with a huge list of ingredients and many of the names we cannot even pronounce. These products are more times than not, filled with a scary amount of chemicals and toxins that are stripping your skin's natural glow and causing damage with every use! 
Why Natural Body Lotion is So Much Healthier for You
Natural body lotion is filled with the perfect levels of oils and natural ingredients that will allow for your skin to lock in moisture and sooth any damage to your skin that you may be experiencing from harmful products or environmental exposure. The products we buy off the shelves at the drugstore are typically filled with fragrances, alcohol based ingredients and other toxins that can actually cause our skin to become dry, cracked and even painful.
Your Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Gift Giving
No matter how long your list is, we have something for everyone! Jusu was founded on the central realization that our world, humanity, and with it those who we love most; require care and protection. Buying gifts you know people will use, that are made ethically and sustainably, means less waste in the environment, and a healthier world for all of us.

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