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4 Bathroom Products that Contain Harmful Ingredients
It is safe to say that the bathroom is often one of the most germ infested rooms in one’s home, but what about the products we find in the bathroom? We typically store items such as nail polish remover, shampoos and conditioners, cleaners and more which all tend to use harmful and toxic ingredients! 
4 reasons you should switch to Natural Conditioner
Many conditioners we have access too are filled with countless ingredients which are actually to toxic to you and your hair. Have you ever thought of
making the change to a 100% natural conditioner? This plant based hair
product will offer you full transparency in the ingredients used in your product as
well as offering you a safe and clean choice for a natural conditioner.
Why a Tea Tree Face Cleanser Should be Your Next Face Care  Product
To begin, tea tree oil has been around longer than one can know, and it has been extensively researched. Tea tree oil is one of the most popular oils out of all the essential oils you can think of. It's produced in Australia from a Melaleuca tree

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