4 Reasons You Should Use A Natural Hair Conditioner You Might Not Know About

4 Reasons You Should Use A Natural Hair Conditioner You Might Not Know About
Do you use a natural conditioner? Or do you use a regular, every day 
conditioner that you would simply find at the store? Have you ever wondered
why your hair has been getting greasy so quickly? Or why your hair seems so dry
and brittle all the time? It could be the type of conditioner you are using.
Many conditioners we have access too are filled with countless ingredients which are actually to toxic to you and your hair. Have you ever thought of
making the change to a 100% natural conditioner? This plant based hair
product will offer you full transparency in the ingredients used in your product as
well as offering you a safe and clean choice for a natural conditioner. Switching
out that drugstore brand you buy every couple of weeks for an organic
conditioner has never sounded like a better option. Your hair is one of your
biggest assets, and that’s why it is important that it is treated that way with
ingredients you can trust. Why waste your money on chemical filled shampoos
and conditioners that cause damage to your hair when you can invest in a
clean and natural alternative that will allow your hair glow like never before.
Here are the top 4 reasons why you should make the switch to a natural
conditioner that is formulated with 100% natural ingredients today:

1. Chemicals found in every day conditioner cause extreme damage to your hair

Every day when we go to the drugstore we are faced with countless bottles of shampoo and conditioner, these bottles have ingredient lists with words most people can’t even say! Most of these products are filled with synthetic ingredients, chemicals and many different toxins depending on the brand you buy. Regardless, every single one of these products will end up causing dry, brittle and damaged hair. This is the exact opposite of what a conditioner should do for your hair, these products advertising leaving you hair feeling soft and silky after just one wash – so why don’t they? Simply put, the chemicals typically seen in the day to day drug store brands are sulfates, which remove the hairs natural oils. By removing your hairs natural oils, the product leaves your hair feeling dry, brittle andextremely hard to manage. Secondly, the products include silicon’s, these typically leave your hair shiny but only for a short period of time. Silicon’s block the natural moisture and oils that are created in your hair shaft which will end up leaving your hair looking greasy and messy after a short amount of time. By putting your trust into a natural conditioner, like Jusu, you can feel confident that you are going to be treating your hair with the care it deserves.

2. Natural ingredients found in an organic conditioner are simply better for your hair

These natural ingredients will work with your hairs natural oils to create that shine everyone strives for! Products like Jusu, which are 100% natural, avoid the harsh chemicals and ingredients you find on the back of your everyday conditioner bottles at the drug store. This organic conditioner uses 100% organic ingredients to keep your hair shiny and healthy without any unnatural build ups which are caused by harsh chemicals and toxins, such as parabens and silicon’s. By trusting a plant-based company like Jusu, you are guaranteed to be providing your hair with the cleanest haircare option possible.

3. Natural hair care is simply better for our environment

Many of the popular drugstore shampoo companies are not as earth aware as they possibly could be. They fill their products with various chemicals and toxins which will flow right down the drain. These chemicals will end up polluting our water systems. Not only do these big company’s knowingly allow for chemicals to be going down the drain every day, they are also producing mass amount of toxins in the air through production of their products, therefor impacting the earths’ air quality. By choosing a natural conditioner, you will find a smaller ingredient list, with all organic materials. This in turn is better for the environment as there are less chemicals released into the environment and less waste made during production. Finally, many of these big name brands test unethically on animals, which you can be sure to avoid using a 100% natural and organic hair care product, such as Jusu.

4. Keep your entire body healthy by using organic hair care

By taking the leap and using a 100% organic conditioner, you are avoiding various toxic chemicals that are at risk of being absorbed through your skin when you use any of the day to day conditioners we see on the shelves at the store. Some of these toxins include:
Parabens: Parabens have been known to mimic estrogen and in turn have the risk of causing problems with ones hormone balance. Parabens have even been seen to increase the risk of cancer in the user of a product containing parabens. 
Sulfates: Sulfates are often one of the main causes of skin irritations and have been known to increase risk of irritating other allergies
DMDM Hydantoin & Quarentium-15: These toxins have been directl linked to cancer as they release formaldehyde
Phthalates: Phthalates have commonly been known to cause an increase of risk to problems associated with asthma, and even infertility.
Due to the more mild nature of organic conditioners and the ingredients used in them, they are an inclusive product that limits the risk of irritation and eliminates the use of cancer causing toxins. By choosing a natural conditioner you can be sure that any of the ingredients absorbed through your skin will be nutrient rich and completely safe for your body. All that being said, by picking a natural conditioner, like Jusu, you can expect the health of your hair to significantly increase. Organic conditioners use fewer ingredients, and the ingredients are used can be trusted to be clean, safe and nurturing for your hair. When choosing a conditioner you want to make sure to avoid chemicals and toxins such as parabens, silicon’s, and sulfates. Moreover, you will find that compared to using a regular conditioner, your hair will be softer and much more manageable. Organic conditioners include ingredients that allow your hairs moisture to remain intact and give you the ability to style your hair without a dry and brittle look. Finally, everyone wants soft and shiny hair, which any regular conditioner will fail to give us. By incorporating a plant based organic conditioner into your haircare routine you can be sure to achieve that shine, glow and softness you have always dreamed of achieving.
So, what are you waiting for? Make the life changing switch today.