How Adopting the Right Skincare Routine with the Right Products Can Make You Look and Feel Younger!

How Adopting the Right Skincare Routine with the Right Products Can Make You Look and Feel Younger!

Our skin is the barrier that protects us against known environmental stressors (physical, biological and chemical). This is why we all need to adopt a daily routine that takes such stressors into consideration. Our skin’s needs shift throughout the seasons, it’s important to note changes to your skin’s appearance, and choose products that help to protect, regenerate, and preserve healthy epidermis. 

We highly recommend a regimented skin care routine, morning and night. The following is an effective routine that will benefit all skin types. 


Avoid Using Hot Water on Your Skin

The most important step and rule of thumb is to avoid showering or washing your face with hot water. Hot water strips the skin of its sebum levels (natural oils) and healthy bacteria. Continuous use of hot water directly on the skin, can cause the skin to be inflamed and irritated, resulting in breakouts. This tends to happen more commonly with dry and acne-prone skin types. We recommend that everyone use lukewarm water when bathing or washing your face, as it is much more gentle on the skin.


Use Skincare Suitable for your Skin

1. Cleanse Your Face

Jusu offers three gentle cream cleansers. The Oats & Aloe Hydrating Cleanser helps retain moisture, while gently exfoliating the skin. The Lemon Tea Tree Brightening Cleanser is formulated with fresh Italian Lemon, which helps to tone and reduce pore size. The Lime Chamomile Clarity Cleanser for oily and acne-prone skin contains Kaolin. Kaolin Clay is known to be one of the mildest and most gentle clay used in skin care. It aids in preventing acne by absorbing excess oil or sebum. After cleansing your face, pat dry or air dry, leaving a bit of moisture on the surface.

2. Apply Toner

Increase your skin’s hydration level by applying a gentle toner. Toner’s can be reapplied throughout the day to revitalize your skin. Do your research and avoid toners containing alcohols, parabens, synthetic dyes, and mineral oils. Try a hydrating, plant-based toner blended with Rose Flower Water, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and or Green Tea Extract.

3. Apply Face Serum While The Skin is Moist

Apply our Frankincense & Knotweed Rewind Face Serum to dewy skin, do not let the water or toner dry completely before adding the face serum. The nutrients in the toner and serum will be more bioavailable if the skin is still a bit damp. Make sure that any dead skin has been removed from the surface before applying the serum. Flaky dead skin can cause clogged pores, leading to excess sebum and acne. Apply a liberal amount of serum all over your face and neck, avoiding contact with your eyes. 

4. Moisturize Your Face

Let the serum dry for 20 seconds before applying one of our four moisture and nutrient rich moisturizers to your face and neck. Check out our Neroli Primrose Hydration Moisturizer for dry skin, formulated with Bakuchiol, a miracle, plant extract that’s been scientifically proven to mimic the effects of retinol. The Green Tea Rose Brightening Moisturizer for normal to sensitive skin, Vanilla Jasmine Balancing moisturizer for combination skin and lastly our Coconut Lime Clarity Moisturizer for oily skin types.

5. Don't Forget The Skin Around Your Eyes

We also recommend that you apply our regenerative Moringa & Prickly Pear Rewind Eye Serum to boost hydration and protect the delicate skin under your eyes, and to the creases on the outer edges.

6. Nourish with Facial Oil

Lastly, we recommend that you use our luxurious and regenerative night oils, packed with vitamins and rich in essential fatty acids. The prime time to detox your skin is at night when you sleep. Our all natural night oils are superior to face cream as you sleep because they do not create a barrier like moisturizers do, allowing your skin to breathe. 

The Neroli Primrose Hydrating Night Oil is perfect for dry and mature skin, with plant-derived Squalene, rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E and mineral salts. Ingredients that help moisturize and nourish the skin. The Green Tea Rose Brightening Night Oil is for normal to sensitive skin, but really it works for all skin types. Evening Primrose is the star ingredient rich in fatty acids that help to reinforce the skin barrier, preserving water in the epidermis. Our Vanilla Jasmine Balancing Night Oil is a go to for combination skin types – an exotic blend of Vanilla, Jasmine, Rice Bran Oil and Marula Oil. Vanilla is rich in antioxidants and Jasmine helps the skin to hydrate naturally, reducing dryness without clogging pores. The Coconut Lime Clarity Night Oil saves the day for those of you with oily skin. The Key Lime helps to reduce oiliness and tone the skin and the Jojoba Seed Oil and Calendula Oil have antibacterial properties known to help soothe eczema. This is the oil for you if you have oily and or acne prone skin. 

At Jusu, we craft pure plant-based formulations that meet and exceed the rigorous criteria of the most ethical products on the market. We care about your skin and your general health, which is why we use clean, all natural quality ingredients in every product we make.