Why Natural Body Lotion is So Much Healthier for You without the Toxins

Why Natural Body Lotion is So Much Healthier for You without the Toxins

Did you know that your skin absorbs pretty much everything and anything you put on it? Well, now you do and it is time to take action and treat your skin with the respect it deserves by using natural body lotions with 100% organic ingredients. There are literally so many benefits, such as soft skin, that you will see when you put your trust into natural skin care products, like Jusu

To begin, natural body lotion is filled with the perfect levels of oils and natural ingredients that will allow for your skin to lock in moisture and sooth any damage to your skin that you may be experiencing from harmful products or environmental exposure. The products we buy off the shelves at the drugstore are typically filled with fragrances, alcohol based ingredients and other toxins that can actually cause our skin to become dry, cracked and even painful. As science explores the benefits of plant based products, we begin to understand the harmful effects of using products that are not organic and if we can make the switch to something that will give our skin life and help it repair itself, why wouldn't we?

List of Common Chemicals & Toxins In Non-Natural Skincare Products

In addition, it is super common for people to feel as though their skin has lost its glow and soft touch. Once again, they are  likely using a product that is filled with a vast amount of chemicals and toxins that are stripping the moisture right out from under their skin! Some of the chemicals and toxins found in your typical skin care products are, but is not limited to: 

Parabens: Parabens have been known to mimic estrogen and in turn have the risk of causing problems with one's hormone balance. Parabens have even been seen to increase the risk of cancer in the user of a product containing parabens. 

Sulfates: Sulfates are often one of the main causes of skin irritations and have been known to increase risk of irritating other allergies

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) & Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT): These toxins  are used to preserve your body lotion and make it last longer. These have also been shown to cause hormone disruption and skin irritation

Phthalates: Phthalates are often found in a group of chemicals used to soften plastics. In addition, these have commonly been known to cause an increase of risk to problems associated with asthma, and even infertility. 

Oxybenzone: This chemical is found in your everyday drug store skin lotion as a UV light blocker. Oxybenzone is linked to hormone disruption and has caused major damage to coral reefs and other marine animals and systems. 

Per and Poly-flouroalkyl Substances (PFAS): These substances are commonly added to lotions and moisturizes as they give the product the ability to be marketed as waterproof. They are also used to give off the “slippery” and moisturized feel in lotions. These chemicals have been seen to be linked to cancer and other diseases, such as thyroid disease. It is also important to mention that due to the fact that these chemicals are waterproof, they cause great harm to our environment and are not easily broken down.

With all that being said, the simple fact that a natural body lotion doesn't include a list of hundreds of harmful chemicals and toxins makes it obvious that a natural and organic lotion is the better and healthier choice for your skin care routine. If we are watching what we put into our bodies food wise, we have to do the same with what we are putting ON our bodies!

Maintain Summer Glow

Moreover, natural body lotion allows you to maintain your summer glow for longer. By moisturizing your skin often and with natural products your skin will maintain colour and glow for longer periods of time, and who doesn't want a summer glow for as long as they possibly can?! While maintaining this glow, we allow for our skin to avoid dryness that comes along with those cold winter months. 

If avoiding toxins, maintaining your summer glow and the ability to lock in moisture was not enough to convince you to switch to a natural body lotion, then maybe the mere fact of using a product that is filled with natural vitamins and minerals will help you make the decision. As mentioned above, our skin absorbs literally everything we put on it, so what could be better than offering a healthy alternative and allowing your skin to absorb all of these healthy options and create soft and supple skins for you to thrive in? 

Preserve the Environment

Last but not least, by using a natural body lotion we are also helping to preserve the environment and treat not only our skin with respect but also our environment.  Many of the common companies that manufacture skin care products are not as earth aware and conscious as they possibly could be. They fill their products with various chemicals and toxins which will flow right down the drain. These chemicals will end up polluting our water systems and damaging the environment and animals and fish who inhibit these places. Not only do these big companies knowingly allow for chemicals to be going down the drain every day, they are also producing large amounts of toxins in the air through production of their products, therefore impacting the earths’ air quality which also affects us as humans, the plants in our environment and all of the other animals as well.

By choosing a natural body lotion, you will find a smaller ingredient list, with all organic materials. There will be no hidden products and contaminants when you put your trust in a 100% natural company, like Jusu.  This in turn is better for the environment as there are less chemicals released into the environment and less waste made during production. Finally, many of these big name brands test unethically on animals, which you can be sure to avoid using a 100% natural and organic skin care product, such as Jusu

To conclude, if you are finding that your skin is feeling lifeless, dry, and lacks the glow you felt you once had then it is time to look at what you are putting onto your skin every day. By making the change to natural body lotion you will begin to feel and look youthful and you will begin to love the skin you're in while knowing you are making the healthiest choice possible for you, your skin and the environment.