What is wellness?

To understand wellness we must first acknowledge that wellness is individually unique to each person and thus experienced differently for everybody. The meaning of wellness, as most people generally understand it, refers to one’s state of well-being, or a state of good health.

At Jusu, we refer to wellness as something beyond one’s static state of being. We believe wellness encompasses a greater dimension; a dimension that includes our mindful expressions as they become our physical actions. It is at this important juncture that one’s internal existence crosses the chasm to their external one; from mind to matter. Similarly and most certainly importantly, we recognize that external forces may also affect our internal experience of wellness, as physical actions affect our internal being.

For each person to experience wellness, we believe one must begin by becoming mindfully aware of his or her internal existence. Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, philosophers and educators have understood this as it has been written and communicated to us in a variety of ways over the centuries and millennia. From these teachings, we believe it is necessary for one’s experience of internal wellness to begin with positive mindful thinking and affirmation.

Wellness is the driving principle behind our thinking, behind our planning, and behind all of our real world actions at Jusu. It is with this understanding that we derive our sense of purpose and drive towards helping all of us internally and externally experience wellness as each of us transcend our moment in time. 

In the most simplest of terms, from the internal perspective, we believe that if we think positively, we are more likely to act positively; and if we are to act more positively, we are more likely to think more positively. This creates a virtuous cycle of well being that each of us can strive and achieve and maintain.

But we must be aware that physical actors from our physical environment can be an impediment to this virtuous cycle. There are macro and micro actors in our physical environments that can impact us. Jusu focuses on the micro actors, because it is those that are the hardest for us to identify and defend against over time. Toxins, pathogens and other material things that are negative to our physical bodies can directly and monumentally affect our experience of wellness.  

We believe our collective ability to experience wellness as an individual and as people is something profound to our collective existence. It is something worth defending. It is something worth protecting.

For Jusu, we know the contribution we can make for everyone around us is to promote the understanding and pursuit of wellness. Helping people work towards the betterment of themselves in a perpetual and ever-persistent approach. To help each of us find ourselves in the perfect harmony between the condition of our bodies, our families, and our environment.