Our ethos

Clean & Honest

Like you, we have grown tired of discovering that the products and food we regularly use and consume are being made with questionable ingredients and shrouded in mysterious production practices. In the age of information, we are becoming increasingly educated about what is good for us, and what may be harmful to our bodies and our planet, and we are demanding better for the world. We stand firmly behind the belief that we can and must create products that are both effective and honest. It is through this practice that we believe people will discover us, will follow us, and grow from this better plant based experience. It is from this belief that we confidently choose to stay open and transparent and not partake in cruelty, hidden fillers, or toxins. We love life, our families, and our planet and will do everything to protect them, and support you, as you do the same.

Plant Based

Reinventing the wheel is no small task, and is one that surely comes with a great deal of risk, but in essence, that is exactly what Jusu set out to do with our plant based formulations. We have invested our resources into the intricate research and development required to effectively harness the power of plants into high-quality everyday products. These are products that everyone needs and that everyone uses on nearly an every day basis. They are also products that can expose us to harsh chemicals and toxins. We believe that relying on harsh chemicals that harm our health are unnecessary when there are an abundance of natural alternatives available. Jusu creates clean products for even cleaner living.

Natural Choices

The empowerment that comes from one’s ability to make a conscious choice cannot be understated, as we believe that choice at its most fundamental level is freedom itself. Above the natural ingredients we utilize in all of our formulations, is an overriding belief that the choices we make in products we consume, use in our homes, and on our bodies should be a natural choice. With Jusu, you are not just choosing a different brand, you are choosing to embrace an entirely new paradigm itself. This is why we have formulated our products from only natural ingredients. By sacrificing nothing, and being uncompromising in our product formulation and development, we make the decision to choose healthy products that are good for you, your family, and your planet -- an easy and natural one.

Take Care

Jusu offers goods that we believe will help you live a lasting life, but we firmly believe wellness goes beyond simply the products one uses, or the foods one eats. Jusu exists to empower our customers to take care of their wellness journey for the betterment of themselves and their loved ones. Together, we can pioneer a better way of living for all of us to enjoy. Jusu is an advocate of health and wellness that helps educate, and enables conversation about how living clean supports a prosperous future for yourself and for everyone.