Our solution


For Jusu, we were fortunate to recognize that people are more sensitive to their environmental surroundings than the vast majority of us are aware of. A big reason for this comes from the compounding effect, which over time has the amazing potential to produce what initially may have seemed like a drastic result. This can be in a positive direction, or, in a negative one, it all depends on the input. As it relates to someone’s exposure to toxins however, this compounding effect can and ultimately will lead to negative impacts on that person’s health and vitality. 

Regrettably, society is largely oblivious to the composition of the everyday products we use, and the greater impact they may have on us through compounded exposure in the long run. Product labels have long ingredient lists with words that very few people may recognize. While many of these ingredients are safe, many people are unable to identify a negative ingredient when they see one, and are thus unaware of the potential health impact. Without the awareness that there are any risks involved, over time, the compounding effect of  long term exposure to some of these negative ingredients in the products we use can dramatically degrade our health and vitality and lead to illness. 

It was truly surprising to become aware that there is an abundance of products available on the market that are ridden with fillers, chemicals, carcinogens, irritants, allergens and toxic substances that can easily get absorbed into the body. We must be open-minded to the reality that the problem has now become widespread, with many of the same bad-acting ingredients finding their way into so many of the products we consume regularly, among competing brands and even across markets.

All of the products we use, in one way or another, come in contact with our bodies. Whether you are using something on your skin or on the surfaces in your home, it has a way of making its way into our bodies, affecting our health in uncertain and often detrimental ways. Jusu wants all of us to be free from harm, but there are few regulations or accountability for the integrity of the ingredients in the products consumers continue to buy, and it is becoming a silent killer in our society. 

This is where Jusu has risen to occasion in advancing the standards of the products everyone uses on a regular basis. We believe we can help empower vitality and support everyone as each of us  breaks the compounding of negative materials they are exposed to everyday. Through a disciplined and unvarying commitment to wellness, we have formulated wholesome products that are powerfully plant-based, ethical produced, and regenerative to our bodies.

Our solution

Jusu is here to help you to live a lasting life, but to understand how Jusu is able to help make this a possible, you must look deeper into the details and the sophistication of our products. It is here, in our proprietary formulations, that you will find what makes Jusu exceptional. Our wide collections of products are uniquely innovative, advancing the standards of 100% plant-based products. By harnessing the power of plants to naturally reinvent the products we regularly use, our products are made to be good for you, good for your family, and good for the earth. The best part is that Jusu hase been able to achieve this without having to compromise on the efficacy of the product.

It is with a mindful perspective and genuine intention that we take on the responsibility of creating honest, clean, and natural products for the good of all. We believe that with this approach, we can make a drastic change in the quality of life for our customers, for their families and for our planet. We are accountable, transparent and safe - no corners cut and no compromises are made in the research and design of our ethically derived plant-based formulations. By creating products that remove problematic ingredients, and replace them with wholesome ones that naturally nourish the human body, we play an important part in improving the health of our customers. 

We are a full service wellness brand that can be trusted by you and your family. We are tactful and gracious in our approach for harnessing the power of plants in effective yet elegant products to sustain everyday healthy living. In that vein, we are not here to only sell you one single product, hoping to make a difference. We are here to empower vitality, to help liberate you to become filled with the inspiration to make positive life changes. Jusu is a partner, a coach, and your disciplined supporter in your ever-evolving wellness journey. 

We enlighten the modern consumer to the dangers of traditional habits, while providing an immediate solution that is universally beneficial to all. This is why we believe we can help make a grand change, by offering our customers the options they need in order to take action.  We are catalysts for change who believe that plants hold the power to shape a future of prosperity for all. Our community is empowered, untethered, and most of all - safe.